Iris Seyler - Double Entendre

Connecticut-based artist Iris Seyler will be presenting an exhibition of sculpture in the ballroom gallery at the Khyber from August 6 - 24. Seyler's installation, Double Entendre Is aptly named for being "a deeply personal exploration of fantasies of a lost twin - a doppelganger out there somewhere leading a parallel existence." as the artist writes. The show presents a series of cubes decorated with portraits of unidentified twins, the images scratched and aged. The portrait of each pair of twins is completed with a pair of small cast plaster blocks on top of which lies a colored outline and inset niche of a child's femur bone, as if they were casts of the reliquaries for these lost souls. Everyone is welcome to attend the opening reception on Monday, August 5 at 7 pm. The artist will be present. Iris Seyler was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada, attending Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver before completing her BFA at NSCAD in 1991. Her previous training includes a certificate in stone-masonry and stone-sculpting from Meisterschule Fur Handwerker in Germany. She has exhibited in solo shows at Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery (92), Eyeleyel gallery (93) and Anna Leonowens (91) and in many group exhibitions such as the shed show at Pier 21 (93) and Lost and Found in the Mary E. Black Gallery (93) both in Halifax, and in Une Sculptor, Une Painter at the Little Gallery in Calgary (95). Seyler is currently away from Halifax completing her MFA at the University of Connecticut.

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