I Think about You When I Masturbate Text

I Think About You When I Masturbate is a collection of four videos confronting constructed notions of heterosexual masculinity and the apparent dichotomy of violence/sexuality inherent to maleness as represented through media. It is also an exercise in failure. Personal catharsis through public humiliation. Relying on an inter-subjectivity between myself and the audience, I perform various roles and am alternately revealed as someone physically inferior to normative representations of males, possibly queer, a coward, and as a kind of schizophrenic child. I simultaneously bristle with sexual confidence and groan incomprehensible gibberish. All of this is set against a backdrop that implies a complete media meltdown. The images on screen literally breakdown or pixelate. The audio clips or wavers to inaudibility. It is a clinic in the misuse of digital camcorders and edit suites. I should also mention that some of the local television newspeople checked out the show and conducted an interview with me. For some reason, neither the interview nor the copy of the videos I gave them made it to air.