Boneworks Statement

From the Artist Statement by Brandon Vickerd

We create the context for the reality we live in. As individuals and as a collective we formulate our own existence. The only definite factor that we base our reality on are the tools of perception (the five senses) - they are the perimeters of the experiment. As inadequate as they may be they are the means by which we ingest all information - they are the only non-variables in our reality.
Our ability to hear, see, etc., are the only reference points for existence, the inadequacies of our perception are what forbade us from examining further.
The self-referential nature of life is exemplified by observing an occurrence that we believe is real; we are only sure it happened because we saw it.
There are no outside reference points for truth. The world we live in is internal.
I find the absurdity of existence captivating. We are alive in a world where the falseness of what we create is experienced as real because of its familiarity - it becomes more "real" than the true thing. Fiction (art, television, etc.) have replaced the myth - understanding the stories and relating the experience of being an audience has become the essential facet of the social contract - regardless of the fact that the stories never happened.
        These common experiences of an audience have become the reference point in which we base our belief that we are not alone.
Everything is constructed, either by perception, our minds or our hands.
        Actuality is contrived and interchangeable.
Truth has become a tale, the residue of an animal that has never been - by placing the echoes of the animal in a flowing narrative it becomes as real in our minds as ourselves. I relate to the beast as sculpture because its story has a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion.
The story, the speculation is what makes things true.

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