Dwelling Text

Michaud, a Connecticut-based artist, exhibited 32 short videos playing on a series of monitors arranged in the gallery. The videos were accompanied by several series of drawings and objects made by the artist. All the videos were shot in and around Michaud's apartment with him as the primary narrator or subject. They reveal the highly comical, self-deprecating and autobiographical nature of Michaud's work, allowing the viewer in on life in a small town in Connecticut.

The subject matter of the videos alternates between this self-portraiture and documentation of the creation of drawings, installations and performative activities. Michaud documents himself draw to the sounds of an album by Slayer, each song resulting in one drawing, all executed in black charcoal or marker. The videos show him gesturing madly, trying to keep up with the thrashing guitar rifs, while depleting charcoal sticks and pens one after the other (thrown in a heap on the floor). The drawings were all exhibited in the show.

This is Michaud's first solo exhibition since graduating with a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1999.

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