Gravity and Grace Text

Edmonton based artist Clint Wilson will create a mechanical ecosystem in his installation Gravity and Grace: exercises in perpetual motion. The installation will involve 18 wind generating units on the top of tripods around which will fly bird specimens (yellow rumped warblers) borrowed from two zoological collections. The frequency and duration of each bird's flight will be controlled by either timers or motion sensors activated by the viewer. A soundtrack of processed environmental sounds will be amplified in the space on top of the noise from the blowers. Gravity and Grace represents an effort to erase the functional and replace it with the senseless by defining the space between the seduction of the phenomena at hand and the relative absurdity of the premise. This will be Wilson's first show in the Atlantic region.

Clint Wilson has a BFA from the University of Alberta and a MFA from the University of Victoria. He has an extensive exhibition record that includes galleries in Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Kingston and Montreal (and now in Halifax).