Starring: Part 2 text

Starring: Part 2 is a video installation of digitally animated sequences featuring the artist portraying four separate seventy-foot high characters set within downtown St. John's (Newfoundland). Complete with curtains, movie posters and red carpet, Starring: Part 2 examines contemporary issues surrounding identity, place and culture in a manner that is sensory, compelling and encompassing.

Cooper's portrayal of the seventy-foot tall vixen began with paintings. The project Starring involved a billboard and television commercial which enticed viewers to visit a website. Starring: Part 2 further animates the still images so that the figures interact directly with the St. John's landscape.

Through her work Cooper investigates the female sexual self and questions its physical and psychological boundaries. The use of her own image in the roles of the seventy-foot characters is an innovative and interactive way to query the importance of culture and the significance of stereotypes. She explores contemporary issues of identity and digital technologies while grounded to her place and culture.